to The DarkSky is the ninth volume of Tokyo Ravens light novel series, and the end of the first part of the story. It was published on March 20, 2013.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

What will happen to Harutora and the gang, who lose Natsume and the place to return!?

Losing Natsume, Harutora continues on running away and looking for mercy, with the Raven's Wings carrying his powers. In front of lost Touji and others, a single young boy appears. "It's a 'nice to meet you', I think, Harutora-kun. I am called as Yashamaru". Anime adaptation under planning, school ying × yang fantasy!


Chapter 1: DeathEdit

Chapter 2: In the NightEdit

Chapter 3: Bared FangsEdit

Chapter 4: CounterattackEdit

Chapter 5: Calling the DeadEdit


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