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Tokyo Ravens inspired the creation of six manga series based on the light novels. The first one, Tokyo Ravens, was illustrated by Atsushi Suzumi. It began in December 2010, and was serialized in Shōnen Ace. The chapters have been collected into eight volumes. It follows the main story of the light novels. The second manga series, Tokyo Ravens: Tokyo Fox was illustrated by COMTA and published in Fujimi Shobo's Age premium in 2011. It features an original story focused on Kon. The third series, Tokyo Ravens: Red and White, is a manga spinoff by Azumi Mochizuki. It was serialized in Kadokawa's Monthly Dragon Age and concluded in the November 2013 issue. The fourth series, Tokyo Ravens: Sword of Song, is a manga spinoff by Ran Kuze. Its serialization began in the November 2013 issue of Kodansha's Monthly Shōnen Rival. The fifth series, Tokyo Ravens -Girls Photograph-, started serialization in Kadokawa's Monthly Dragon Age in the January 2014 issue. It focuses on the female characters of the series. The sixth and the latest series, Tokyo Ravens AnotherXHoliday started in Kadokawa's shojo magazine Millefeui in the February 2014 issue. It focuses on the male characters of the series.


Number Title Release Date
1 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 1 December 25, 2010
2 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 2 February 26, 2011
3 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 3 July 23, 2011
4 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 4 January 25, 2012
5 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 5 June 22, 2012
6 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 6 October 24, 2012
7 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 7 October 25, 2013
8 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 8 November 25, 2013
9 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 9 June 25, 2014
10 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 10 October 24, 2014
11 Tokyo Ravens Manga Volume 11 March 25, 2015

English Translations[]

English translated comics volumes 1 - 11 are published from KADOKAWA.