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Touji Ato (阿刀 冬児 Ato Tōji?) is Harutora's friend and a former delinquent. He is a Living Spirit, being possessed by the ogre that caused a Phase 4 Spiritual Disaster, formerly held by Shidou Dairenji

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Touji Male Uniform Design

Touji Male's Uniform Design.

Touji is a charming youth with brown hair and green eyes. He always wears a (usually green, sometimes shown with red or purple) bandanna. However, he removes it when he undergoes his ogre transformation. 

Being a living spirit and hybrid of an ogre, from the after-effects in the spirit disaster, he can transform into his-ogre state, gaining white hair, blazing eyes of blue fire, and metal armor. The further he is into his transformation, the more armor appears. 


Calm, cool, and collected, very little fazes Touji in the present. In the past he had trouble and was a delinquent, prone to violence towards even family, until the disaster saddled him with his current burden and he mellowed out over the recovery period.


Touji was the child of a man and his mistress, making him an illegitimate child whom was often referred to as a demon. In response to these claims, he acted the part until he became a victim of the paranormal disaster from two years ago in Tokyo and landed in Harutora's house as a patient to his father, an onmyodo doctor. When Harutora visited him during that time, Touji's condition would go unstable and he eventually beat him up. Harutora returned the gesture as a form of reconciliation and they became friends.

Over the course of the story, he joins Harutora at the Onmyo Academy in order to gain control over his inner-ogre, eventually falling under the tutelage of both Daizen Amami and Reiji Kagami after the time skip.

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Onmyoudou: Touji is an adequate student, surprisingly knowledgeable despite his short tenure within the academy. He is proficient, but not overly so, instead learning to handle his powers over his spirit.

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Due to the spiritual disaster he was caught inside, became a hybrid-ogre living spirit. As such he cannot have his stars read by diviners and must contend with the rage of the ogre within him. The ogre itself is more powerful than usual for its kind, and by transforming he gains an immense boost in strength and energy. Touji can control the level of his transformation with saying the word "purge" in combination with the number of seal he wants to use until he "reboot" the seals. This is considered a third-class magic.

  • 1st seal: purge - which only causes minor changes, setting an eye ablaze and providing him with shoulder plates, it increases his strength.
  • 2nd seal: purge - which causes moderate changes, his abilities and armor are boosted further.
  • 3rd seal: purge - which causes major changes, at first, in this state he loses control. After training with Kagami, he learns how to control it for a certain amount of time.

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He currently doesn't have any shikigami of his own, but is shown to use Yukikaze on occasion.

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Harutora Tsuchimikado Edit

Harutora is his best friend, also the son of the doctor treating his illness(after-spiritual disaster effects).

Natsume Tsuchimikado Edit

They are shown to be friends.

Tenma Momoe Edit

They are good friends.

Kyouko Kurahashi Edit


Suzuka Dairenji Edit

She was the person he troubled himself to come save. This is again up to debate amongst audience if Touji has feelings for Suzuka.

Daizen Amami Edit

Initially, Touji wanted to embark on their fugitive life together and as part of that, he could be trained by Amami but was left disappointed and frustrated as he was more of an attendant to Amami.

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Touji was instructed by Kagami mainly in controlling his Living Spirit aura and was also given true battle experience.

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  • Nomenclature
    • Ato(アトー) means "after".
    • Touji (冬児) means "winter child".
      • The kanji for his name can also be read as 'Fuyuji' but in this case 'Touji' is the correct reading.
  • He has an avertion to tobacco.
  • His favorite food is "wheat-based carbonated beverage".
  • The ogre that possessed him is a part of Taira no Masakado.
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