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Trick Spider is a shikigami created by Momoe Tenma's parents but it wasn't commercialized. It stayed at the test

There are only two of Trick Spiders created, and the only known user is Daizen Amami.


"It only possessed the same movement speed and strength as an actual spider, and it could shoot out approximately thirty meters of spider silk, silk strong enough to support ten times its weight. But the spider silk of living spiders was known to be five times stronger than steel of the same thickness, so considering that, its performance was quite low."

But because of its shape and stealth, and because it used almost no magical energy, it would theoretically be able to materialize semi-permanently as long as it stopped moving and absorbed the surrounding aura for a while. Also, it would essentially require no magical energy to use afterwards as long as it was set up at the start. The shikigami could send images at any time, and the control of the magical energy system could be established by the shikigami. Though its activity was limited to a range of five hundred meters from the practitioner, in the extreme, even ordinary people would be able to use it as long as it was set up by a professional first.

the Trick Spider was able to enter narrow spaces that the humans couldn't, and even normal people would control it with Onmyouji supervision. Judging by these two, there would be a definite demand for using the detection shikigami to collect information during disasters and the like. But it ended up being shelved and never commercialized because its magic was overly cumbersome and complex, and mass production was extremely difficult. There were only two, even among her mother's test products.