Tsuchigumo vs Emperor

A Tsuchigumo fighting and destroying an Emperor

The Tsuchigumo, nicknamed 'Armored Juggernaut' were shikigami built for war and created by Yakou Tsuchimikado.

They take the appearance of a steel spider, with eight long legs, and a large body. Samurai armor is affixed to the top half of its body, around its head, abdomen, and the muzzles of cannons poke out from both sides.


Tsuchigumo are military shikigami, made for war and built with steel that was enhanced to prevent lag from occurring from a severe hit. As such, bullets are useless against them, and they are resistant to most magical attacks. They are agile and, against ordinary opponents, they possesses blades to skewer them with. They can also release a spider silk that can bind an enemy, form a barrier, or absorb spiritual power.

Douman Version Edit

Douman managed to reproduce them later as regular shikigami, but these models were far weaker since they lacked a steel vessel. However, they can be summoned in greater numbers and with less energy.


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