Yaksha is a classification of mechanical-type, man-made shikigami.

Models Edit

Model G2 Yaksha Edit

Hakuou and Kokufu, the pair in the command of Kyouko, are both this model. Humanoid shikigami clad in knight armor, one white and one black, about as tall as a male adult, but their figures as robust as boxers. The white shikigami holds a Japanese katana and the black shikigami grasps a spear.

The 'G-model shikigami' sold by the Onmyou Agency have extraordinary combat skill and techniques even unarmed, and Hakuou and Kokfuu had mastered the sword and the spear respectively. Working in tandem, their effectiveness is reliant on teamwork and Kyouko's skill at controlling them.

Purpose Edit

These man-made shikigami are created by the Onmyou Agency, and they serve as defensive class shikigami, meant for protecting their charge.

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