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Zenjirou Kogure (木暮 禅次朗 Kogure Zenjirou?) is an Independent Exorcist as well as a Divine General nicknamed "Omnipotent Sword". He is currently working under Onmyo Agency together with Reiji Kagami. He has a number of familiars, the most well-known being a pair of Tengu known as Karasu-Tengu.



Zenjirou's Appearance is laid back same as his personality he a red shirt, and leather ridding gloves.

white leather jacket that has a yellow bird outline which could represent the Karasu-Tengu on his left side and a black circle on the his right side, on the back of the jacket he has the same yellow bird design over it says "The Ying And Yang Agency" instead of "The Onmyo Agency"  this could be just artist choice but it could also be associated with the Karasu-Tengu from old taoism theology


Zenjirou is a rather calm and encouraging character, friendly and outspoken in contrast to his partner, Reiji. However, he feels that regardless of what the Onmyo Agency has done, they are needed and thus works for them despite some of their shadier dealings coming to light.

Zenjirou's friends, and shikigamis complain that Zenjirou is always to nice or that he takes it to easy on his opponents. This becomes a running joke when Jin and Reiji complain about it at him Zenjirou then complains "why is talking trash about me the only time when you agree" (refer to episode 9)

At some point, Suzu betrayed them both him and Jin, and caused their separation from her. Once Jin decided to assist in the resurrection ritual, he became hostile to him and the next time they encountered one another he sought him out as an enemy to be defeated.


He was classmates with Jin Ohtomo and they both were in the 36th class of Onmyou Academy. The two along with Suzu Saotome were known as the Three Crows of the 36th.

Powers and Abilities[]


He has an astonishingly extensive knowledge to an extend that he is able to disrupt the spiritual flow to inhibit Jin Ohtomo from performing Far Step to escape. He is able to perform various spells for different occasions and situations. Despite his friendly demeanour, he can be quite serious and goes all out during battle.


Onmyoudou: []



  • Second Norimune: A sword said to be one of a set of eight, guarded by a Great Tengu. With it he can perform exorcisms and, as it is of the metal element, can defeat wood spirits with ease. It can also receive power from the Yamantaka Method to empower it.


  • Tengu: He has several tengu acting as his familiars, with the most common being Karasu-Tengu.
  • Motorcycle: He's turned his motorcycle into a familiar that can act independently or respond to his call. He can also store a number of his familiars inside of them.


Reiji Kagami[]


Jin Ohtomo[]


Suzu Saotome[]





  • He is one of two the Twelve Divine Generals to use a sword, the other one is Reiji who uses Higekiri.
  • Zenjirou's familiars' names are Kokuryuu, Dassai, Reisen and Hou'oubiden.
  • In the Light Novels he is a blonde.
  • His favorite food is curry pork cutlet.